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About Us


Our Vision

To transform our communities by creating self-sustaining programs that provide enrichment for youth to senior citizens, education to those seeking knowledge, and resources to develop and grow programs that employ members of the community.

Our Mission

To partner with our communities by providing a continuum of services, resources and skills training to create opportunity and improve the quality of life for all who come through our doors.



Leadership Team

I feel it is an honor to serve God as He served them.  Christ met people where they were, met their needs, then said "follow me". Our task is to serve!

Charles W. Drake III

President / CEO

It has been my dream to see an organization such as Community United meeting the needs of our community. My joy is to keep on serving until all the needs are met, and we serve ourselves out of business.

Kenneth Unick

Chief Operating Officer

Community United Outreach is an organization that touches and improves various lives in numerous ways. Working with Community United Outreach affords me an opportunity to give back to the community by using my God given gifts and talents to help others.

Consuela Baker


What We Do:

Community United Outreach exist to serve agencies who distribute food to the areas men, wemen, children and seniors facing hunger on a daily basis. We are a distribution organization helping to move food from donors to Partner Agencies.  Additionally, we desire to improve individual lives through resources needed for imporvement.

Board Members

Peter Carnegie

Ken Unick

Leslie Ahonkai

Johnny Rivers

Samantha Wallace

Consuela Baker

Charles Drake

Our Partners

Florida Hospital                InGlur Associates                                  Farm Share

Mt. Sinai SDA Church        North American Division of SDA               Hebni

LiveWell Associates           Adventist University of Health Sciences

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